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I mentioned that my reflections on theories of learning culminated with EDD 8124. This event was synchronous with the writing of my personal educational philosophy. The full philosophy and supporting references are available as part of Assignment 2 below - here are some highlights which have helped me grow professionally. As I learned more about each theory, and then reflected, I began to recognize that each theory had certain strengths and weaknesses. I pondered if a theory could be developed that leveraged all the strengths and eliminated the weaknesses. The result is my Triadic Theory of Instruction. Briefly, this theory supports the idea that, based on the type of instruction, a different theory may be necessary. In essence, I claim that all theories are valuable and effective instruction may only occur when the proper theory is used with the right learning situation.



Assignment 1

Comparison of Learning Theories
Gagne vs. Constructivism

Assignment 2

Personal Educational Philosophy
The Triadic Theory of Instruction





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